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Our Story

​We are Rory and Emily, the co-directors of Pocket Concerts. Back in 2013, we decided that Toronto needed more chamber music, and that we should create opportunities for our favourite kind of music-making to happen. House concerts were a natural fit. We loved the intimacy of the home environment, the opportunity to communicate directly with our audiences, and the variety of different spaces we got to play in. Before long, we started to see just about every small space as a potential concert venue. The doors of hidden corners of the city seemed to open up, and our minds opened along with them.

Over time, we have come to realize that these intense, intimate listening experiences were more potent than we had imagined. We saw new friendships forming, people sharing their feelings and connecting in new ways, and complete strangers opening up to each other after just an hour in the same room. We have come to see music as a tool for us to build and strengthen our community, to commemorate important life events, and to bring people's hearts closer together. 

Want to bring your favourite people closer together? We can help with that.

Rory McLeod and Emily Rho, co-directors of Pocket Concerts


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