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An art studio, gourmet food, Schubert, and a mattress shop: together at last!

One of the best things about running Pocket Concerts is that we get to meet some incredible people, all of whom share our love of music and a passion for bringing people together. Our hosts are some of the most generous and interesting people that we know, and we want you to get to know them as well.

Meet the hosts of our first Public Pocket Concert of 2016-17, Paula Arciniega, Matt Brooks, and their three children. An accomplished professional singer herself, Paula will also be performing the first part of Ravel's Scheherazade at this concert!

Family portrait on the family couch

INTERVIEW: We caught up with Matt and Paula in their ultra-hip loft to ask them a few questions about their lives, artistic and otherwise.

E&R: What motivated you guys to host a Pocket Concert?

M&P: We love the idea of intimate concert settings that combine a diverse team of artists. We finally find ourselves in a position (with our loft studio) to be able to bring this dream to a reality and are excited about collaborating with great Toronto talent.


It's not your typical concert hall entrance, we know...

But once you get inside, you find this beautiful open-concept kitchen/living area:

 Wait until you see the rest of it!

E&R: Both of you studied music in school and ventured out to do other things as well. What was the transition like?

M&P: Well we've both had a time in our lives when we couldn't rely on our musical output or career.  In a way we were forced into it, and yes at times it was scary, but looking back we wouldn't want to change anything. When you take a leap of faith, or are forced to, it can be incredibly humbling, but also very eye opening. For me (Matt) it was a a physical thing, I couldn't play the trumpet due to an injury, this led me into another arena, ultimately looking back I think I always had an inclination to have a diverse group of things I could do. This allowed me to get outside the "musician" mindset and become an entrepreneur. Diversity is a good thing.

For Paula, she was in a vocal transition and during this period she had to turn to painting to release her creative energy. As a mother of 3 Paula has had to have faith that after 10 years of parenting she can now fully throw herself back into her talents. This is a transition that is still forming and shaping us.

E&R: What's your favorite piece of music to listen to when you are relaxing at home?

Paula: Bach.

Matt: Miles Davis (but really who has one favourite? it's all about the mood)  

E&R: Do you have a favorite hangout spot for the family (aside from your beautiful home)?

M&P: Yes! "The Greater Good" a new local bar, Geary Ave. is turning into a very cool strip in Toronto. The Greater Goodhas North of Brooklyn Pizza, and a free vintage arcade for the kids to try out. Games from our childhood and 18 beers on Tap!!!!! what else do you need? 

 The obligatory "funny face" photo: