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Laurence Schaufele


Style: Classical

Languages: English 

Laurence Schaufele is a young professional musician intent on exploring the possibilities of the viola in a wide variety of genres. His experience spans diverse styles of music such as classical, jazz, klezmer, celtic, bluegrass, and progressive rock.

Hailing from rural southern Alberta, Laurence trained in the European classical tradition. Laurence grew up in a musical family and went through the normal stringed instrument pre-college regimen just like his siblings. All the while Laurence was interested in developing a voice in other genres as well. He began performing with fiddle groups, and various local church groups on the side. Starting his post-secondary in Calgary, he transferred to Toronto for a change of pace. After graduating from the Royal Conservatory of Music in 2015, Laurence set off on a career which stretched the viola between many genres.


Under normal circumstances, Laurence tours with a variety of ensembles ranging from orchestras to (the most recent example) a progressive rock band. He has performed on stages across four continents in these ensembles. When the pandemic broke out however, all touring and performing came to a grinding halt. So to fill the time Laurence started developing other skills and hobbies (knife sharpening, playing the electric guitar poorly, bad reality tv, stuff like that). He also got married during the pandemic! So house husband has been added to the hobby list. He has enjoyed turning his living space into a recording studio (so far no complaints from the spouse). As well as the ever present unglamorous scales and etudes that one never talks about.

With provinces and borders opening up, Laurence is looking forward to playing music with and for people again. The next large music engagement for Laurence is a tour of the USA (when it is safe to do so) with the progressive rock band Goblin. Before that you can catch him on a variety of recordings and videos. Most notably, Laurence recorded with the jazz/classical ensemble SymphRONica. Their album UpfRONt received a JUNO nomination this past year.

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