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Jessica Deutsch

Violin, Mandolin, Voice

Styles: Afro-Cuban, Klezmer, Brazilian, classical, Arabic, pop, folk

Languages: English, Spanish

Jessica Hana Deutsch is an in-demand violinist, vocalist, bassist, arranger and composer in Toronto's music scene. She is incredibly versatile, sounding equally comfortable in Afro Cuban, Klezmer, Brazilian, classical, and Arabic music.  Classically trained from the age of 3 and a three-time national finalist in the Canadian Music Competition, Deutsch studied with Mark Skazinetsky (assistant concertmaster of the TSO). She has a new project with Tyler Emond called Hush, in which she sings and co-writes adventurous indie pop music.  She also leads and composes the music for her band Ozere, which mixes classical chamber music with world folk styles. She works with many artists, including Leif Vollebekk, Tyler Shaw, Sarah Slean, Jayme Stone, Tara Moneka, Ventanas, and Beyond the Pale.  She also played fiddle in the hit Mirvish musical Come From Away.

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