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Avery Florence, upclose & personal.jpg

Avery Florence


Styles: Soul, blues, pop

Languages: English

Avery Florence is a soft-soul Toronto/Montreal based artist whose talent as a songwriter is well matched with her angelic yet gritty voice, and undeniable personality - soulful & inspiring. Beneath a gentle, good-humoured exterior lies a melancholy darkness that emerges softly from her lyrics and tone.


Avery's descriptive songs and enticing voice captivates audiences, as she paints a picture so vivid you can’t help but see yourself within it; bridging the current to some distant memory in your own life. Following the release of her debut album, January, Avery sold out her first tour through North America.


Recognized as a gifted collaborator, Avery explores different genres. Notable recent collabs: Woke Up This Morning, a track of Pineo & Loebs album LIFE BLOOD, and Faded Into Light, her newest single, with a music video filmed on a remote island in Cambodia.

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