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Private Pocket Concerts

Intimate, extraordinary listening experiences

" of the best concerts of my life." 

Sarah Fulford, Toronto Life

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Pocket Concerts on Here and NowEmily Rho & Rory McLeod
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"it was intimate and uplifting and a joy to hear live music again."

Toronto Life


Why we started Porch Pocket Concerts

In March 2020, COVID-19 robbed musicians and audiences of the ability to gather safely indoors, and like most music presenters, we had to adapt quickly. Our hearts have always been tied to the live music experience, so when a fan wrote to ask if we would present a concert on her front porch, we jumped at the opportunity.

There was something special about that casual gathering on Sarah's front lawn. Households gathered in clumps, standing on the lawn and perched in lawn chairs at the ends of their driveways. Cars drove by extra slowly with their windows rolled down. The sound of the wind and the birds added to the effect, and we felt like the music was truly part of the fabric of our city.

It turns out that a porch or a backyard is the perfect place for a concert, and before we knew it we were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, bringing families and neighbours together all over Toronto. Now that we can safely gather indoors again, we're also returning to living rooms, cafes, and other places where you might not expect to find a full-blown concert.

Driven by our desire to represent the rich diversity of cultures in our beautiful city, we are now branching out from our roots in classical chamber music into jazz, pop, and folk traditions from around the world. Music is a tool that fosters human connections, and our commitment to inclusion is part of our vision for a city where everyone's voice matters. Do you have an idea for how we can make our concerts more inclusive and accessible? Let us know!

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