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Are you a classical music newbie? Do you know one? We want to meet you!

Do you know someone who has never heard live classical music before? Maybe you're one of those people.  Maybe "Haydn" is just a precursor to "seek" in your favourite childhood game; maybe as far as you know Beethoven was just an angry guy with crazy hair.  We want to meet you! And we're setting aside 10 free tickets for our next Public Pocket Concert for you.

Since we started Pocket Concerts in 2013, our goal has been to connect people through music. We are working to break down the artificial barriers between performers and audience, and to help people make real personal connections through the shared enjoyment of an intimate concert experience. 

We believe strongly in the connective power of music. One of our proudest moments was when we were having dinner with some of our attendees (yes, we do that sometimes), and they told us that they had met another couple at a Pocket Concert back in 2015. Both couples were new to classical chamber music, and they took a chance on a new experience by coming to a Pocket Concert. Not only did they end up starting App business together, but the two couples took a camping trip together! Since then, all four of them have attended more of our concerts, and one of those people even hosted a concert for her colleagues at work. That's the kind of story we love to hear.

So, if you or someone you know has never heard live classical music before, we want to give you the most intense and personal experience we can, for FREE. All you have to do is post a photo or video of yourself on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #classicalnewbie and tell us why you want to come. We'll feature you on our feed (if you want), and give you a free ticket to our upcoming Public Pocket Concert on Sunday November 6th at 2pm. We might also ask you to answer a few questions before and after the concert.

Sunday Nov. 6th, 2pm

1 Market Street, near St. Lawrence Market

Pocket Concert at The Wharf: String Quartet 101

Works by Haydn, Schubert, and Mendelssohn

Featuring: Min-jeong KohCatherine Cosbeyviolins; Rory McLeod, viola; Amy Laing, cello

Remember, this is for people who have never heard live classical music before. Don't be scared. The more unfamiliar this all seems to you, the happier we will be. Take a different sort of adventure within your own city!

Please help us spread the word. Use the hashtag #classicalnewbieand tag us on Instagramand Twitterwith the handle @pocketconcerts. You can also email Rory McLeod with your story at

We look forward to meeting you soon!

-Rory and Emily

Want to know more about what to expect?

Check out this video that Schmoperamade for us last year:


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